MyMilan Milan takes pride in offering only authentic designer merchandise.
Sellers/Consignors irrevocably guarantee the authenticity of their products and agree to fully disclose all information regarding the procurement of their products. MyMilan Milan will not hesitate to take action against any deliberate cheats.


Upon agreement, your items will be valued based on brand, condition, age and demand.
You will be offered two (2) options:

*     Direct sale – MyMilan Milan will pay you cash instantly
*     Consignment – MyMilan Milan will infrom the owner to take sales amonut within 14 days once the item(s) is/are sold

Note: Usually, the monetary value of selling through consignment is greater than that of a direct sale.

Consignment Period

The consignment period for items at MyMilan Milan is as follows:
*     2 months for Consignment

Other Terms & Conditions

1. MyMilan Milan reserves the right to re-negotiate with the consignor should unforeseen market forces affect the prices of items on consignment.
2. Consigned items are left in the store(s) at the consignor's risk. Though every care will be taken to ensure proper handling of the consigned items, MyMilan Milan and its employees shall not be liable or in any way responsible for the condition, loss or damage (break-in theft, fire or any other causes) to the items before or whilst being consigned or remaining on consignment.
3. In the event of any discrepancy after the sale of the items, the seller/consignor must provide further details to assist in (if any) investigation. And if the seller/consignor is found to be the one negligent, he or she must return the full amount paid.