About Us

Here at MyMilan Milan (001876190-D), we offer our customers a fresh new retail experience, a one-stop shopping platform to own 100% genuine luxury designer handbags at affordable prices not found elsewhere. MyMilan Milan first started its operation in 2008 as an online business when MyMilan Milan CEO Raechel Chong decided to sell her own personal collection of pre-owned luxury designer handbags. When her collection of about 100 handbags sold off fast, Raechel saw an opportunity.

Her growing network of customers equally urged Raechel to start her very own boutique as she demonstrated great taste and knowledge in selecting handbags. Backed by the strong support, Raechel embarked on her next journey, opening her maiden flagship store in Kota Damansara in 2009. Emulating the success of its flagship boutique, MyMilan Milan has since expanded with another 3 branches strategically located in Bandar Sunway (2011), Miri (2012) and Taman Connaught (2013).  From its humble beginning as an online business, MyMilan Milan has charted great success today, with a dedicated team of 13 experienced staff to serve its’ valued customers.

Our Product Range

We bring in only 100% genuine luxury designer handbags and fashion-forward styles. Our selection process coupled with Raechel’s ability in identifying fakes have resulted in MyMilan Milan being the leading enterprise in carrying genuine boutique luxury designer handbags. Our selection consists of pre-owned and 1st buys (new) from bestselling brands like Prada, Gucci, Burberry, Hermes, Louis Vuitton, Chanel and many more.  As a strong advocate of promoting affordable luxury, we offer customers up to 10%-20% in savings compared to retail prices. From a wide range at differentiated pricing, our mission is to suitably meet each customer’s needs, fulfilling dreams of owning a luxury designer handbag.

Why buy pre-owned luxury designer handbags?

We are passionate about fashion and providing affordable luxury to all, and therefore we promote the concept of pre-owned 100% genuine luxury designer handbags. Pre-owned designer handbags are common in other parts of the world, but catching up now in Malaysia.

MyMilan Milan’s enterprising business model provides a platform for fashionable individuals to stay trendy by allowing them to “recycle” pre-owned designer handbags which can then be purchased by interested individuals at an affordable price.

All pre-owned designer handbags brought to our store are meticulously checked for originality and defects.

What is the difference between a “boutique” and “outlet” handbag?

There is a marked difference between a boutique designer handbag and an outlet designer handbag. The boutique bag is what you will find in the flagship stores of designer brands like Prada, Gucci, Burberry, Hermes, Louis Vuitton, Chanel and others. You will not find an outlet bag in these store shelves.
Outlet bags are factory extras, generally tagged to some form of defects or from past seasons.
All goods sold at MyMilan Milan are of boutique quality, meaning exclusivity, top quality and of the latest season.

Our Story: How It All Started

Fashion lover and luxury designer handbag fan Raechel embarked on her entrepreneurial journey when she went on a vacation to Taiwan. It was there as she was browsing handbags in a store, that she chanced upon her mentor, a successful Japanese business owner of a well-established fashion chain with 46 boutiques under his stewardship, selling pre-owned luxury designer handbags, watches and jewellery. Back then, the trend of buying pre-owned luxury designer handbags was already a big hit in both Taiwan and Hong Kong. Call it luck, timing or seeing her innate capability, the business owner generously agreed to teach the young Raechel the trade and help her with her handbag business.

Under the wings of her mentor, she was groomed and trained as a handbag specialist, having the precision to authenticate the originals through feel and touch. Her ability became so honed that she could even differentiate an original from a fake by simply catching a whiff of a newly opened handbag.

Upon returning to Malaysia, Raechel launched MyMilan Milan, making her the pioneer in bringing the pre-owned 100% genuine luxury designer handbags shopping experience to Malaysians. From an initial 50 units of luxury designer handbags, MyMilan Milan now offers customers a respectable inventory of 10,000 luxury designer handbags. Our network of customers has also expanded exponentially, having grown from a purely Malaysian base to a growing pool of international clientele.

MyMilan Milan has achieved many accolades over the years. Raechel received the much coveted Asian Pacific Women Entrepreneurs Award for 2011-2012, a global award recognising outstanding achievements by entrepreneurs in leadership and innovation. At just 23, she was both the youngest entrepreneur representing Malaysia as well as the youngest among all recipients globally.

Never one to rest on her laurels, Raechel also successfully launched her own magazine line “Second Hand Branded” in 2011 – an annual fashion and lifestyle magazine that promotes both pre-owned luxury designer handbags and offers fashion tips for today’s young and trendy professionals. Naturally photogenic and blessed with an edgy look, Raechel is also the brand ambassadress for MyMilan Milan.

MyMilan Milan is the only pre-owned luxury designer handbag business in Malaysia with its’ brand’s billboards (12 in total currently) strategically located around the Klang Valley.


• Our products are 100% guaranteed Genuine  – certified by KPDNKK  (Ministry of Domestic Trade, Co-operatives and Consumerism), making us the first and only pre-owned luxury designer handbag business in Malaysia to be accredited by a governing body.
• Finest in quality – all our products have been strategically sourced and carefully authenticated through a series of quality checks by our dedicated team of experienced professionals. All handbags sold are also carefully authenticated and screened by Raechel herself before they are ready for sale.
• All items purchased from MyMilan Milan are eligible for product care services, repair and other services provided at respective luxury brand owned retail outlets or service centres.
• Great savings of up to 10%-20% compared to retail prices.
• Wide selection of luxury brands
• New online shopping experience – from the comfort of your own home. Images of luxury designer handbags from our comprehensive online catalogue, are in fact real life photo shots individually photographed by Raechel herself.
• Additionally, MyMilan Milan accepts direct sell-offs from customers for pre-owned luxury designer handbags. All items need to be original and authenticated.

Franchise Opportunities

If you are passionate about fashion and luxury designer handbags, start your very own MyMilan Milan boutique with us. A partnership with MyMilan Milan offers a great opportunity of owning a hassle-free business by leveraging on our proven business model. Prospective business owners can reap lucrative investment returns, with direct access to the business experts. We welcome enthusiastic individuals or companies seeking to explore business opportunities with us. Please contact us for further enquiries or information on franchise opportunities.